Adventures of a foreigner in the south of Brazil.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The joy of technology

Water. There is no water coming out of the tap. As the porter informs me, there is no water coming out of any tap in the building, and no one really knows why. The cause, it seems, is not inside the building. So. I don't suffer alone, but after pondering this fact for a bit I find it not very helpful. I already have a shelf full of candles. I would much rather not have to stock up on buckets of water, too.

Cars. My car is still in repair. Apparently it takes about four weeks to get a replacement part for an ignition from the factory and about a week to even find that out. The car is produced in Brazil.

I have a rented car now that sports a CD player. This is nice, as I am not very fond of the local radio. The problem with the CD player is that it pauses for half a second whenever the car hits a road bump. Or when I accelerate or brake. The roads here have many bumps, and driving a car does require you to accelerate sometimes. So now all my music sounds like it was sung by stutterers with a memory problem, all the way to work and back. It is a good thing I don't sing along, or I might acquire some strange habits of speech.

I can just about imagine the engineers sitting there trying to design the CD player. They were probably running out of novel ideas and had to come up with something revolutionary by five thirty. One of them probably said: "Hey guys, let's do something totally novel and build a CD player for a car that never hits road bumps!" And another chimed in with: "Cool! This is new! And those would be the cars that don't accelerate, so let's build one for cars that don't hit road bumps and that don't accelerate!" And then they were happy and went home.

This car is also produced in Brazil.