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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Her lesson, or not?

Good laugh, but still a fake. The thing looks flakey even to the naked eye and a suitable edge filter (in this case the GIMP filter Neon to give a more pronounced visual effect than Laplace or Sobel) shows clearly that the transparent the girl is carrying was superimposed on the original image that had no transparent whatsoever. You can easily see the contours of the people continuing behind the transparent, which means there was none in the first place. I have marked only a few of the places where the fake is most visible. Another clear give-away is that the edge of the transparent itself is not detected by the filter, which means the contour was smoothed into the original image.

Most amusingly, this sparked a heated if confuse political debate on the flickr page and two years later got dug up again and put up on digg, which is how I came across it.