Adventures of a foreigner in the south of Brazil.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Martians in Europe

It has come to my attention that the anecdotal evidence for people being influenced by Martian mind rays in Europe has been increasing at an alarming rate this year. As good citizens we have to do something. Therefore, I call for a hunt for the antennæ that the Martians must have erected. When I return in spring, that is. If you wish to join bring a recommendation for a hunting spot. Hunting spots must conform to the following:
  • They must be in an area with some natural beauty (operating on the theory that Martians like a good view just like everybody else).
  • There should be villages not too far a way, or a least a bar or a brewery or something (operating on the theory that it's easier to see alien installations after a glass or three, and we will get thirsty). Distilleries are also OK.
  • The cuisine in the area must be good (operating on no special theory at all but I like good food).
In order to be better prepared I recommend watching Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste". Peter Jackson is now a famous director so this is culture and perfectly all right.