Adventures of a foreigner in the south of Brazil.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let Rome in Tiber melt

Take it easy. As a survival tip in Brazil this beats even "Don't eat the yellow snow". Starting with the traffic each morning. There are between two and four lanes on the same road, dependent on the number of cars and the mood of the drivers. And on the weather. On sunny days or after a bend in the road an extra lane may be added. And since we are talking about the weather: The time between giving a perfect imitation of a wet poodle and basking in the sun may be only five minutes, both ways.

Then there is that problem with getting things done. That does work out, eventually. But not quickly, ever. And it is more complicated than expected. And needs more negotiations, no matter if you feel more like screaming.

Carnival? The country shuts down, and starts again in March. The only thing to do is to take a vacation.

Ah well, you're in Brazil. Take it easy. And don't eat the yellow snow.