Adventures of a foreigner in the south of Brazil.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fun with the police

I am now officially registered with the Policia Federal. Inside it looks quite like a cartório (after a while everything does). I have ten fingerprints less than I used to and I have my first protocol slip, which serves as a temporary replacement for my identity card. And I have to say that the folks in there were friendly and everything went quickly. It actually took me longer to get the colour from the fingerprinting off my hands than to register. The fingerprinting is part of the rules of the game and the RG (the identity card) contains a fingerprint. Evidence suggests that it doesn't do much to deter crime.
Fingerprinting aside: If the all of the bureaucracy went as smoothly as this I probably wouldn't even complain about the rest of it.

There is that rest, of course... A few days ago I dropped in at a bank while waiting for some photos and enquired what it takes to set up an account: The CPF, aka tax number, the RG, a statement of residence (whatever that is) and an income statement. That last bit I find rather interesting because I'm sure they must have heard of accounts in credit here. Come to think of it, I know they have. And with the legal notice period in Brasil being 30 days an income can change quickly, so today's statement can be obsolete next week. The statement of residence, of course, is yet another mysterious document that I have no idea how to obtain. Likely as not it's something official that I need another couple of documents for in order to even get it. It usually is.